About Us

Virtego GmbH ®

Specialized trade agency

Virtego GmbH is a specialized trade agency based in Vienna and was established in 2011. Our main focus is the representation and sale of large-scale merchandise goods in wholesale chains and other sales channels. We are a reliable partner and have established firm long-term relationships with many prominent retail businesses. We work hard to provide an excellent service, which relies on our established network, experience and know-how. Our aim is to establish high-quality relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers and set up successful long-term partnerships

In 2018 Virtego entered into a strategic partnership with the renowned international SHI Group, which increased our reach and opened up new opportunities for growth and development. Our combined business relationships and networks allow us to provide excellent service and help our partners achieve and surpass their goals.


CEO Goran Zuzul


Experience of 1000+ projects

Strong international partner network

Work done in 35+ countries

98% client satisfaction

Available in 5 leading world languages

35000+ companies in our database